WickiePipe will meet the demands of clients who like remarkable pastime with smoking accessories (pipes, hookahs). There everything in it that can create relaxing, sociable atmosphere.

WickiePipe was created by the company based in Los Angeles. The company provides high quality service and support, ready to help you at any time. The company specializes on smoking accessories, such as pipes, hookahs, grinders, water pipes and so on. As the product is specific help is frequently needed because the instructions can be rather complicated. To make it easier for customers the company has created video presentations with step-by-step procedure showing what clients should do.

The idea behind WickiePipe.com was to gather the best smoking accessories, quality hand blown glass tobacco pipes and  put them for sale at one place. After months of thorough preparation and research, WickiePipe was launched. The company has 30 days return policy.





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