Halloween Candy – HTML5 Game Template(Construct 3)




Welcome to the “Halloween Party” – a delightful HTML game designed especially for kids to enjoy a spooktacular adventure! In this fun-filled game, young players get to choose their favorite monster character and embark on a candy-collecting journey through a whimsical Halloween world.

As the Halloween night unfolds, candies rain down from the sky, creating a sweet and exciting challenge. The goal is simple: help your chosen monster collect as many candies as possible while avoiding tricky hazards that might get in your way. Kids will use their skills and reflexes to navigate the candy-filled skies and ensure their monster has the most thrilling Halloween ever!

Ages 4 to 10 oriented.
All platforms, desktop and mobile.
High-quality graphics 720×1280.
Made in Construct 3. Source files included!
Can be exported to major platforms (iOS, Android, etc)
AdMob and other ad platforms compatible.



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