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The game is not yet compatible with mobile devices and only works with desktop browsers!
Frogame is a classic simplified clone of Frogger in HTML5. It comes in HVGA 480×320px screen size and on screen controls.

Game object is to cross the road all collect all the pizzas without being hit by cars.

It comes with music and sound effects and includes project file for cross-platform free game maker software so you can edit the game visually on Linux,MacOS and Windows.

You don’t need any hard coding since everything is done with a few predefined functions and it’s really easy to replace the graphics and add more levels.

From this game example you will learn:

  • Playing audio
  • Collision detection
  • Switching levels (game scenes)
  • Controlling player with keyboard
  • Using global variables like Lives,Score

How to add more levels and cars

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