Fragrance X

Fragrance X

Fragrance X is an American online store for those looking for authentic beauty products, such as perfume, after shave lotions, cologne, etc. Those products are sold at affordable prices at the site.

Fragrance X is the place to visit if you are looking for an opportunity to buy authentic beauty products and if you are looking for an opportunity to buy them really cheap. This US-based store from Hauppauge, New York, offers over 9,500 products by various famous brands ranging from Britney Spears to Yves Saint Laurent.

All purchases are backed up with a 100% safe money back guarantee. Fragrance X is a part of Bizrate’s Circle of Excellence and is rated as “Trusted store” by





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  1. Ja says:

    Fragrancex bought in almost three months and not received the product! Do not nominate!

  2. Rodrigo G Pereira says:

    I’ve been buying from this store for a few years and never had a problem, until september-2011. I’ve ordered about 12 fragrances in the months between september and january. All fragrances were ordered in different dates and different orders to avoid shipping problems.
    So far (nearly 6 months later) I haven’t received ANY of these orders.

    I also bought from many other international online stores and received all of them without any problems, which indicates that it’s a problem related to this store only.
    Already tried to contact Fragrancex but they keep telling me to wait and refuse to complete refund.

    I’ve always bought from them and even recommended to all my friends, unfortunatelly I’m going to have to find myself another online retailer.

  3. Huffelz says:

    Scammers, they dont provide a track number for international shipping, so guess what?! You will never receive what you paid for. Run from this.

  4. Raiane says:

    I did my order on November of 2011 and was not arrived!

  5. Eduardo says:

    My cousin always buys with you and had no problems and even referred me to buy with you. But they have almost four months that the product did not come here and seen by, or return to you. Any solution for this? Two orders that were I requested!
    order I : PayPal transaction ID 4WM41142X7371712K
    Order II : Order number: 8346230

  6. Renan V. says:

    order number 8385407
    ordem number 8385578

    11/11/11 days were made, and did not get the products so far. There are already four months of waiting. I want my money back.

  7. Lauro Santana says:

    I am Fragrancex customer since 2010, and since September 2011, have not received any request made by this site. My last request I paid the freight thinking that would be sent differently. But I was told that would be the same as for free shipping. I lost money twice. I have four requests to be delivered all made on different dates. And the only thing they say is to have patience. I have seen many complaints on this site on the Internet worldwide.
    If you do not want to lose money, do not buy this site.
    There is no respect for their customers.
    Flee this stolen.

  8. William says:

    On 19/12/2011 I bought and so far nothing. There is no way to track charging and when sending email, I only get automated responses.
    Perhaps for those who have U.S. address they deliver, making it easier to complain, as I am in Brazil, I have to get into mischief.
    Never buy this site and do not recommend to anyone.

  9. William says:

    I am a former buyer, never had problems, but my last two orders have not yet arrived, one was made in October and another in November 2011. I wonder what can we do? William

  10. Vitor says:

    Fragrancex bought in almost six months and not received the product! Do not nominate!

  11. Marta says:

    I made a request in November 2011 and it has not arrived, a simple request. It takes months of a bitter hopes and fears that the money invested is lost. I do what needs to be done, is disrespectful to Brazilian consumers that both collaborate to the growth of sites like FragranceX. I hope along with many here that they take appropriate action.

  12. Bernadete Marques says:

    I’ve bought 3 times e receiveid only the two firsts times. The third order, in 12/2011, haven’t arrived yet. I don’t believe i’ll receive this last fragrane.

  13. Pedro says:

    Buy at Fragrancex just brought me a headache.

    I asked a position from FragranceX, since it’s been four months since sending my product.There have been enough time to return of the post and had no response from Fragrancex. I asked for full refund because I do not believe in the success of a new submission.

  14. Thiago says:

    I made a purchase on December 6, 2011 bound for Brazil. I have not received the product after 125 days and frangracex insists on sending a standard card for me to have patience.
    I have patience when they address that refund that is the most fair, but they ignore my request messages refund.
    ORDER 8562641

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