Exotic India

Exotic India

Exotic India is a site for those interested in Indian arts and crafts – here you can purchase lots of exotic goods ranging from paintings and sculptures to gold and sterling silver jewelry and textiles.

Exotic India is a real art gallery and an online shop melting together at one site. On the pages of this resource you will find genuine paintings, sculptures, jewelry, textiles, books and health and beauty products from India. The variety of CDs and DVDs with Indian music and movies available for purchase is also rather wide.

Started in 1998, Exotic India has already served customers from 153 countries of the world. A large part of its success is explained by its strict adherence to the rules of Fair Trade and to the great taste of its employees that choose the articles for sale through the site themselves. The company is headquartered in Delhi, India, and has got one of its offices located in Wilmington, DE, USA.





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