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Better World Books

Better World Books is an ethical online book retail business taking part in various social programs and offering you to buy used books and textbooks thus saving them and also donating to those in need.

Evans Cycles

Evans Cycle might be Britain’s most famous bicycle shop operating since the beginning of the past century and offering everything from readymade bikes to spare parts and rare accessories for bicycles.


AbeBooks is an online bookstore affiliated with – one of the biggest bookstores currently online, to be more precise. It’s a Canadian enterprise that was founded back in 1995.

Book Depository

Book Depository is a well-known and very popular UK-based online bookstore that has won several major awards in Great Britain since its launching in 2004. Its headquarters are in Gloucester, UK.

Exotic India

Exotic India is a site for those interested in Indian arts and crafts – here you can purchase lots of exotic goods ranging from paintings and sculptures to gold and sterling silver jewelry and textiles.

The Magic Depot

The Magic Depot is an Internet store where you can buy tons of things related to magic – from all the paraphernalia needed for the tricks to books and videos explaining cool magic techniques.

Music Room

Music Room is an online store aiming at making music education much easier for students – it offers sheet music, classy books about music, tuition books and, of course, musical instruments of all kinds.